Wedding, Wedding, Wedding!

Last week, I had three weddings. Three of them. Three weddings. There were three. Did I mention that I had three weddings last week?

Holy bananas, Batman!

Three weddings in one week is no big deal to the bigger shops that have staff, upon staff, upon staff. But for little old me, it was a big deal. I am my only employee; I do everything myself. The whole process: buyer, transporter, thorn plucker, bucket washer, designer, floor sweeper, garbage taker outer, gross smelly chunky bucket water thrower outer, deliverer, setter-upper, taker-downer. Everything all the time, well except for when my awesome Mom or other awesome family volunteer to help or when the stars align and the amazing parkouring arch scaling, ladder teetering hardcore husband is able to help. Parkour!


Wedding One: Thursday, Ryan and Rozhin

Gorgeous couple. The kind of couple that when you see them together there is a warm glow of love radiating from them that is so strong and powerful it smacks you in the face like whoa! One of their colors was yellow and one of their flowers that we all loved were Billy Balls. So I used Billy Balls liberally. I was like the Billy Ball fairy, or Oprah on free car day. You get a Billy Ball and you get a Billy Ball and you all get a Billy Ball.  And they are local right now… ahh yiss!


The main piece of the decor, was a 50 foot garland that I created to adorn the massive structure that frames the garden area of Grey Gables Estate. The garland definitely softened the edges of the stark white colonial inspired architecture. This was my biggest garland to date and it took me forever to make, even with a hand crank garland maker. Worth it! It looked amazing!

IMG_2194 IMG_2193 IMG_2191

Also, during installation, while the hardcore husband was standing on the tippy top of the ladder swatting wasps away from his face, the sound crew was testing their sound equipment. Usually at events such as these, the DJ’s play a sampling of songs from the couples playlist, and in this instance it was 95% Beatles songs. What? Billy Balls and The Beatles? Hold the phone, and back up the truck, Ryan and Rozhin you are pretty cool.


The hardcore husband and I swung by Dutch Brothers on the way home to quench my hot mouth with a frozen coffee delight. Yiss. Usually at this time, after a set-up, I melt into a puddle on the couch with a pizza, not to be bothered; but not today. I brushed off the tired and got to work on the next wedding. It was 7:03pm and I had T-minus 14 hours to create and complete the next task at hand.

No Sleep ’till Brooklyn.


Wedding Two: Friday, Malia and Charles.

Pick-up was at 10:00AM at the shop and I managed get some sleep in there somehow, like 4 hours worth. That’s ok because coffee.

Malia was a dream bride to work with. Her palette was orange and grey and she wanted something that was unique from all of the other dime a dozen boring hipster bohemian bouquets that look like they are going to take flight with their oddly assymetric wings of foliage. I’m so tired of seeing those. Can “bohemian” everything just die now, thxs. Instead, she wanted a spherical vibrant bouquet with all of the textures! I’m like yiss! I can do that! It was to be super hot that day so instead of using Dahlias that melt really easily under peak heat, I used Marigolds, Succulents, Celosia, Safflower and Brunia Berries amongst other foliage.

IMG_2138 IMG_2130 IMG_2129

Five bridesmaid bouquets, a handful of flower crowns and pomander balls also used these amazing elements. The proof is in the pudding as they say, or in this case this photo:


Cheers to not melting you two!

The wedding was held at Postlewait’s Vineyard in Canby, OR.


After a quick trip to the flower market to gather some blooms for a couple orders and I was back to the grind. I cracked my knuckles (no I didn’t that’s gross) and got to work on the final leg of my wedding week hustle.  

Flower party in the USA. Making arrangements like yeah. (And, yes I just appropriated a Miley Cyrus song just now to illustrate the state of my brain at this point.)

Wedding Three: Saturday, Josie and Curtis.

I had worked with Josie and her Mom for a handful of months collaborating on the perfect balance of incorporating wheat and driftwood into the centerpieces and bouquets. The theme of the wedding was “Lifelong Wheat Family meets Life long Beach Family.” The challenge was combining the wheat, hand harvested from the bride’s family farm, and the driftwood collected from the beaches of the groom’s family stomping grounds in such a way that seamlessly married the two elegantly without looking like a craft project gone awry. And let me tell you what, we did it. High five ladies! The wedding consisted of 33 centerpieces that were all different, the head table decor, a handful of bouts/corsages and bouquets. The ceremony and reception was held at the Willamette Heritage Center in Salem, OR and it was a stunner for a stunning couple. Can’t wait for the professional photos!

IMG_2157 IMG_2158 IMG_2169 IMG_2166 IMG_2160

At this point in time, I was running on pure adrenaline. The rush and hustle of installation distracted me from my severe lack of sleep and I became acutely aware of this fact on my drive home. A couple of missed exits later, I found myself back at my house. I left the chunky bucket water in my car and crashed on the couch like I’ve never crashed before. Three weddings in 72 hours. Holy hell… I did it!


What’s next? I’m ready.



PS: Please note that 99% of these photos were snapped from an iphone during set-up.  I can’t wait to see all of the professional photos!

PPS: The formatting in this post is weird up there. I will have the hardcore husband fix it when we has time but for now you have to look at my shoty wordpress skills. I’m getting better. Possibly?

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