The Wedding Show Conundrum.

So, let me get this straight national wedding show promoter,  you want me to pay you $695.00 plus the cost of product plus my time to be a part of your event? Huh?! You are saying that I would pay at least $1000.00 just to be a participant? Ummm.

This is the conversation I just had:

Them:  Hey, small business with character, can I overcharge you and get your services and product for free so that I can put on an event in your area? Our costs are being covered due to your generosity, so we will be fine regardless of attendance because you paid into it for us.  But you know, a link to your website will be on our nationally recognized website when the event is over. That’s a big opportunity for your brand!

Me: What the shit? What small business has that kind of money to spend on a wedding show? Not me!

As you can probably tell, my snark filter has been heavily applied to the above conversation. The sales person was very nice and did not say any of those things above. The concept is there, though. These companies employ brilliant sales people to sell you on giving them tons of money so that you can spend more money and time to bring their event to life. It’s a amazing business concept. I wish I would have thought of that.

I’m tired of giving away product for free. Pay me for my services, please. Especially, if you seek me out and extra especially if you are going to make money off of said event for yourself. Without the generosity of vendors, there would be no show. I would love to put on a similar event, gather a group of wedding vendors/artists/taste makers together and split whatever money was made from ticket prices equally. That would be awesome. That would be fair. Wedding event ‘socialism’ if you will. No? Well, it’s a nice thought.

I am not dogging on wedding shows. They have their merits and I commend the effort that companies go to to put them on. I just wish that they weren’t so expensive to participate in and that there would be a guarantee of returned investment with booking a quota of clients per event. It’s a gamble. A very expensive one, at that. I have done a handful of shows and have a hard time with them. I’m not good being pushy and shoving branded pamphlets in the face of a client. I’m just not a elbow-rubbing-butt licker. Sorry. I’m just not. I’m good at what I do and I want my work to speak for it self. That is not how business works and I’m finding this out the hard way.

I will leave you with a deal of a lifetime, does anybody want to be a sales person for me?  I of course, won’t pay you for your services because it is an opportunity to work for me. Oh, and you will have to pay me a worker’s fee for even gifting you this opportunity. You are cool with that right? No? Why, not? Your name will be on my website!

Sounds awful, right?

Is it so wrong to want to be compensated for your skills?  I guess so. Especially if you are a creative trying to break into the business world.



One thought on “The Wedding Show Conundrum.

  1. So true! WWW. Lake Wylie SC. We share the same code of ethics. Loving my life and especially my work. Being a grower allows me a lot of creative liberties and It helps the bottom line tremendously when I’m growing Beauty Berries, Veronica, Hydrangea, Peonies and Callas and much more during spring, summer & fall wedding season. I’ve been a grower since 1985 and started with design work in my greenhouses playing around with hydrangea blooms and asters. I realized I have a knack for it and I also have a BA in fine arts. I started out at 18 wanting to be a rock star but now I just want to do amazingly fabulous and unique flowers for a rock stars wedding! Funny how things change. Good luck moving forward in your business and if you are ever in SC please look us up. I would love to meet you someday.

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