These Bouquets are lit.

I met this bride at a vintage wedding show back in October 2014. Her inspiration and vibe of her wedding was Antique Americana.  She was so easy going and awesome to work with and trusted me to do my thing being that the wedding was a month away. Rich hues of red, creams and blues with vintage lace and antique accents brought this concept to life. The bouquets were bursting with Thistles, Roses, Delphinium, Hypericum Berries, Straw Flower, Dusty Miller, Scabiosa Pods, Rosemary Sprigs, Andromeda Buds and wispy stems of fragrant silvery blue Eucalyptus. The raddest thing about these bouquets is  that they glowed from the inside. The bride brought me light packs that she purchased at a craft store to incorporate in the bouquets. I had never done this before nor seen this before so being me I’m like: yes please! Challenge accepted!

After I built the bouquets, I wired and taped the light pack into the base of the bouquets and laced the tiny LED lights throughout the blooms and textures. The end result is quite amazing. They were little sparklers lighting the path to a celebration of love and happiness.

Cheers to Nicole and Jimmy almost two years later.  The wait to see these photos was so worth it.

Photographs by: Michael Long

Bridesmaids Flowers (345)(28) (327) (326) (319) (317) (234)


The next three photographs were taken by me to show the textures without the inner glow.  Mmm. Texture.  It must be lunchtime. Mmm lunchtime. *I hope that you just read that in Homer Simpson’s voice*



IMG_4022 IMG_4026

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  1. I soooo ditto Aunt Diane’s comment. The lights really make your georgeous arrangements another step above! BEAUTIFUL!!

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