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Are you like me and the first thing you do upon groggily waking up is look at all of your social media apps before you even get out of bed?  Where your phone falls on your face at least once or is positioned so precariuoulsy on a mountain of covers that it is propelled across the room upon any sudden movement by your significant other?  If not, I envy you. Amidst my routine, I was pleasantly surprised by a mention on Facebook. The styled shoot that I worked on this summer in Albany, OR orchestrated by the talented and sweet as can be Mylyn Wood Photography was published on Artfully Wed this morning. The shoot took place at the end of August of last year at a defunct church with amazing gothic archetecture that was converted into a house. The house was empty and for sale and I wanted to buy it on the spot with cash, you know like the Californians are doing in Portland these days. Naturally, I was only short about all of it, in my bank account.

Since the styled shoot was in the prime of Summer, I got to use mostly local goodies in the designs. I used draping Amaranthus, wispy Maiden Hair Fern, Scabiosa blooms, Dahlias, Roses, and vibrant Cosmos. I threw in Scabiosa Pods, Brunia Berry, Snow Berry, Succulents and Tillandsia for texture. The flowers added a sense of romanticism that paired perfectly with the the other elements in the space.

Please note that the last five photographs are NOT my design. As in any wedding work that I create, I would never use Carnations or Caspia AKA Cats-pia because it literally smells like cat pee. The publisher wanted a tablescape on the quick and the photographer threw it together really fast. Just wanted to clarify that. Enough words, it’s Friday. Here are the photos.

Asymmetrical Garland

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  1. I am so glad you noted that the last 5-6 pics were not your arrangements…they didn’t look like yours. Really nice arrangements, Kim. Question:

    Did you notice date on the invitation…August 24 of twenty sixteen!

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