Stephanie + Michael: 3-25-17


My writing is rusty.

Bear with me while I grease the wheels of my descriptive writing brain.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blerg.

I’m blowing the dust out of the cartridge.

The gears are grinding. It sounds a bit like I’m booting up an old MS DOS system.

What’s a MS DOS system you ask? Get off my lawn.


Stephanie and Michael are the cutest. And nicest. And the most genuine, humorous, fun loving, full of gratitude couple, that you will have the pleasure of meeting. Seriously. The easiest breeziest couple ever. Their slogan should be: Stephanie and Michael: Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. CoverCouple.

Last fall, Stephanie, who happens to be a brilliant photographer, randomly reached out to me on social media to ask if I would be interested in providing the florals for a styled wedding shoot that she was coordinating.  If you are familiar with my blerg, you know that I have a love/hate relationship with styled shoots. On the one hand, it’s fun to meet and collaborate with other wedding vendors but on the other hand, you are giving away your services and it’s a lot of work. On the one foot (I’m out of hands in this story), the fruits of your collective labor are immortalized in beautiful photographs for you to use in your marketing paraphernalia, but on the other foot, zilcho compensation-o is a bummer-o. (Bummer-O’s: the cereal for struggling creatives! Now with free Prozac inside!)

What was refreshing about this shoot was she embraced my creative oddball-ness with open arms. And she has a genuine love for mossy sticks. Me too, girl, me too. That collaboration turned out to be one of my favorites and I am soo glad that I said yes, otherwise I would have missed out on knowing Stephanie and that would have been a major bummer.

Short story longer, I was so excited when she asked me to be her wedding florist! They planned their whole wedding in four months! Four months! And it was perfect. Or as close to perfect as a wedding can be.

This magical bohemian love fest of a wedding took place in Snohomish, Washington (South of Seattle)  at a very cool venue called Dairyland. This is the farthest I’ve traveled for a wedding installation thus far and I am super grateful that I dragged the hardcore husband along to help me. I couldn’t have done it without him. I was literally running the whole time, down to the wire, to get everything installed and in place.  As I was zooming around, encouragement was called out to me from the bride and groom, who were starting to greet guests that were arriving, “Looking great, in here,” and “you are doing such a great job,” this was the encouragement I needed to make it to the finish line, like a cool glass of water is to a marathon runner on their 26th mile. At one point, I misplaced ALL of my floral tools (knife, clippers, scissors) and had to ask the baker for her clippers. The baker. Thanks Stephanie from Just a Dash for being a lifesaver.

When everything was set, and I had finished cleaning up my mini-messes all over the venue, I was taken aback on how gorgeous it looked. Candles lit, tables set, wreaths hung, every detail from all of the vendors placed with love and intention. I am really humble about my work, so humble in fact, that I brush off compliments like they are a pesky horsefly. As I walked away, neck cranked in the opposite direction of my walking, I admired my work. I was caught up in that moment; months of planning materialized. The scene was reminiscent of the Great Hall at Hogwarts with the long tables and the magical glow.

And then, three, two, one, BANG! I was snapped back to reality when I walked straight into a fire extinguisher attached to a pole on the way to the door. I walked into it hard. So hard that I still have a red mark on my arm from it. So hard that it made a crashing sound. It hurt really bad, but I laughed at myself all the way to the car.  I will use that as a physical example to remember that yes, I am good at what I do and I am deeply honoured to have the opportunity to flex my creative muscles. And that it’s ok to admit to myself that damn, I am really good at what I do. I forget sometimes.

Savor the flavor of these photos that you are about to feast upon with your eyeballs and really make a meal out this viewing experience.  There are goat ring bearers and a flower Grandma! Flower Grandma! 

All photos by the crazy talented Seattle based photographer, Jordan Voth.


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I took this photo. Sign by Letters and Dust.

Cake by Just a Dash Cakes.


Are you full? That was a visual meal, wasn’t it?

Congrats again to Stephanie and Michael, may they live a long and happy life together. They so will. They are going to crush it.




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