Same day Serendipity: Collaboration in The Gorge.


A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted to see if I was available to provide some flowers for a casual photo shoot in The Gorge. The floral designer that was originally on board to create the floral had to cancel last minute due to some unfortunate circumstances. She reached out to me to see if I wanted to take her place. They already had a model lined up (I know how hard it is to line up a model and time and place for that matter) and I was already at the flower market so I said, “Yeah sure, why not.” After glancing at the inspiration board, and chatting with the photographer, I picked out some random elements in the color palate. After some light foraging in my neighborhood, I created the flower crown and the bouquet in time for them to be whisked away to The Gorge.  I wasn’t familiar with the photographers work nor was she familiar with my work. I didn’t know what the model looked like nor did I know the exact location. I had no idea if what I created was going to work out.

Last week in my inbox, I received a sneak peak. A couple of days ago, I received access to the whole set of photographs. Today, I spent way too long picking out the ones that I wanted to share; they are all amazing. The depth and movement captured in the photographs, the location and the moody vibes of this shoot are breathtaking. The variation in posing and positioning of the flowers in relation to the model and the environment is refreshing to me. Life is not static and photo shoots shouldn’t be either.


Gorgeous photographs by: Erica Kait Creative

Gorgeous modeling by: Elizabeth Webb

Please enjoy this cloudy moody shoot on this cloudy and moody day. I think it all worked out.

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