Gorge(ous) Engagement Styled Shoot

I was approached by Power of Love Rentals to provide the florals for a styled shoot that they were putting together in the Gorge. They were looking for loose bright garden inspired arrangements to add to the picnic set-up to showcase their vintage rentals. I wanted to be true to this concept and foraged 98.1% of all of the flowers and foliage that I used. I am not going to disclose my foraging spots to protect me because I am a bandit sometimes. It’s people’s own fault if they plant their tantalizing award-winning Rose bushes that spill their ripe branches of overflowing blooming beauties onto the public sidewalk. They need to put that shit in a gated area in their back yard to protect them from flower ninjas that go bump in the night, like me. They have to prune them anyway, right? I’m just doing them a service. *Winky face*

I also foraged because styled shoots aren’t paid gigs. Everything is out of pocket. There is no client. There is no monetary compensation for anything used. The “payment” for these shoots are the photographs and the glimmer of hope that’s hinged on the possibility of being published in a fancy blog or magazine. Gee thanks. As a florist working with perishables, I don’t get to reuse the product at the end of the shoot. It goes into the compost bin or goes home with the coordinators or they end up going back home with me so that they can die in my car because I’m lazy and I suck. Same with the the bakers and bar tenders and the food vendors, they are donating their product; they don’t get to take it back, repackage it and sell it the next day. It gets consumed by the crew. I have always pictured a styled shoot in ‘opposites world’ were the photographers throw their cameras away at the end of the shoot and the vintage rental place takes a sledge hammer to that velvet chair that they dredged up a mountainside just for the soul purpose of perfectly placing a bouquet on it. Chairs in styled shoots are never for sitting, they are too pretty to fulfill their real purpose of being… you know, a place to rest your tired butt; fucking velvet chairs. The only thing that photographers and rental places are being asked to give up is their time (a lot of it) and gas expenditure. They get to take everything that they used for the shoot back and they get to continue to use it indefinitely. But for us florists, it is both time and product. I still don’t think that it’s fair, but hey I got some some pretty photographs to slap up on my website so, it’s cool.

Don’t construe my last paragraph as me hating on styled shoots, I don’t hate them. I very much like being a part of them and am always flattered to be asked to collaborate with a team of wickedly talented wedding pro’s. We are like, hey you over there with your thirsty peepers, look at what we just did as we strut away from the scene in slow motion without looking back because we know we just destroyed it.  To clarify, by “destroyed it” I mean killed it and by “killed it” I mean we did a super A+ job styling up in there just now.

And then we turn around and quickly run back to clean it all up.

The cool serendipitous thing about this particular shoot is that I didn’t know who the models were going to be when I signed on. It turns out, that this real couple is one of MY couples that I will be creating their wedding flowers for in June: Winnie and Trevor! I also love it when styled shoots use real couples and not some random models forced to manufacture chemistry on camera. These two rocked it, they are the realest deal.

Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the amazing team of vendors that made this shoot possible, these ladies are also the realest deal and the sweetest to work with: coordination and rentals by Power of Love Rentals, images by Amber Hempen Photography, treats provided by Just a Dash Cakes and hair and makeup by Platinum Makeup and Hair.

Enough with words:

Cheers, you two!




One thought on “Gorge(ous) Engagement Styled Shoot

  1. What a fun read, Kimberlee! I’m so glad you were able to do your foraging for our shoot. Now, if I only knew which public sidewalk had those award winning roses spilling out over them, I’d go thank someone for allowing you the opportunity to showcase your talent. You picked the perfect specimens, and I’m happy to know you didn’t have to break the bank to do it. 🙂

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