Stephanie + Michael: 3-25-17

May 24

Rusty. My writing is rusty. Bear with me while I grease the wheels of my descriptive writing brain. It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blerg. I’m blowing the dust out of the cartridge. The gears are grinding. It sounds a bit like I’m booting up an old MS DOS system. What’s a MS DOS […]

New Chapter: Part Deux.

Feb 24

Insert inspirational quote about the hardships of owning a small business or anything related to being a “lady boss” here, and then delete it because: NO! Real talk: I have never been more depressed, I have never doubted myself more and I have never felt so much like a failure since starting this business. But […]

Same day Serendipity: Collaboration in The Gorge.

Oct 6

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted to see if I was available to provide some flowers for a casual photo shoot in The Gorge. The floral designer that was originally on board to create the floral had to cancel last minute due to some unfortunate circumstances. She reached out to me to see […]

Wedding, Wedding, Wedding!

Sep 1

Last week, I had three weddings. Three of them. Three weddings. There were three. Did I mention that I had three weddings last week? Holy bananas, Batman! Three weddings in one week is no big deal to the bigger shops that have staff, upon staff, upon staff. But for little old me, it was a […]

Gorge(ous) Engagement Styled Shoot

May 29

I was approached by Power of Love Rentals to provide the florals for a styled shoot that they were putting together in the Gorge. They were looking for loose bright garden inspired arrangements to add to the picnic set-up to showcase their vintage rentals. I wanted to be true to this concept and foraged 98.1% […]

Sweet Cheeks Winery Styled Shoot(s).

May 27

I am always surprised when other wedding professionals seek me out to be part of their styled shoots. There are literally one million florists in Portland. Well, not really one million per se, but if you threw a rock on a crowded street you would hit one of us. I don’t recommend that you do […]

These Bouquets are lit.

Apr 11

I met this bride at a vintage wedding show back in October 2014. Her inspiration and vibe of her wedding was Antique Americana.  She was so easy going and awesome to work with and trusted me to do my thing being that the wedding was a month away. Rich hues of red, creams and blues […]

The Wedding Show Conundrum.

Apr 6

So, let me get this straight national wedding show promoter,  you want me to pay you $695.00 plus the cost of product plus my time to be a part of your event? Huh?! You are saying that I would pay at least $1000.00 just to be a participant? Ummm. This is the conversation I just […]

Styled Wedding Shoot

Mar 4

Are you like me and the first thing you do upon groggily waking up is look at all of your social media apps before you even get out of bed?  Where your phone falls on your face at least once or is positioned so precariuoulsy on a mountain of covers that it is propelled across […]

“Playing with Flowers all Day.”

Feb 24

As I florist, I’m not pretending to be someone I’m not. I’m not going out of my way to post pretty pastel pallets on instagram with annoyingly upbeat captions everyday. Gross. That is not my style. To me, that is not real life. Maybe it is real life to the overtly bright eyed and bushy […]